Papers - Macroeconomics and Finance

Optimism, Net Worth Trap, and Asset Returns (with Goutham Gopalakrishna and Theofanis Papamichalis): Draft.pdf Slides.pdf

A Unified Theory of the Term-Structure and Monetary Stabilization (with Marc Dordal i Carreras): Draft.pdf Slides.pdf

Endogenous Firm Entry and the Supply-Side Effects of Monetary Policy (with Marc Dordal i Carreras and Zhenghua Qi): Draft.pdf

[Updated!]Self-fulfilling Volatility and a New Monetary Policy (Job Market Paper) (with Marc Dordal i Carreras): Draft.pdf Slides.pdf

Higher-Order Forward Guidance (with Marc Dordal i Carreras) Draft.pdf Slides.pdf

Do Cost-of-Living Shocks Pass Through into Wages? (with Justin Bloesch and Jake Weber) Draft.pdf

Papers - Contract Theory

Managerial Incentives, Financial Innovation, and Risk-Management Policies (with Son Ku Kim and Sheridan Titman): Draft.pdf

A Proxy-Contract Based Approach to the First-Order Approach in Agency Models (with Jin Yong Jung and Son Ku Kim): Draft.pdf

Ignorance is Bliss: Ex-Ante vs. Ex-Post Information Systems in an Agency Model (with Jin Yong Jung and Son Ku Kim): Draft.pdf Slides.pdf

Work in Progress

The Spatial Transmission of US Banking Panics (with Marc Dordal i Carreras)

A New Indeterminacy with Fluctuations in Volatility and Risk Premium (with Marc Dordal i Carreras)

Risky Growth with Short-Term Debt (with Artur Doshchyn)